Monday, September 28, 2009

Macro Mondays

The kids and I headed up to the woods this weekend for some hiking and fun. Along the way the kids helped me spy a few things to share today.

This was the best part of Fox's day. He very gently caught him so we could snap a pic and then let him go. We decided that he truly looked like a real fairy as he flew off. Happy to be rid of us. Isn't he just beautiful!

These caught the eye!!

Fox spied out this sweet little mushroom for me...

Of course this fungus just screamed..stop and take a look!

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Have a wonderful week all!! Namaste, Sarah

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Critter Sunday....

So Fox, Nonni and I went tootling up to Athol yesterday. We used to live up that way and it holds a very dear spot in my heart. I love it there I really do! We saw lots of fun critters, much to the kiddos delight!! Here are a few! Above this handsome fellow!! Clearly well cared for and loved.

Can you see Nonni's little hand waving to this beauty? I'm hoping out of five children that I might just get one horsey girl!!!

This pretty golden was having a wonderful time!!

Here is another good lookin' horse - an Arab.

Along with the herd of horses was this lone companion goat! I loooove goats almost as much as horses!! Adore the purple collar!

We also saw a few alpacas....not to be confused with....

...their larger cousins..llamas! Very serious this one. Wonderful herd managers. Often they are used in this area rather than dogs to keep the sheep and goats safe from predators.

Have a wonderful Sunday all, Sarah

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Late..Friday Shoot out....

So I guess I'm very favorite place to be is right here in my little cottage here in Coeur d Alene. I really do love this house - I do.
Or with this goofy crew in the back yard....

But when I venture out to other spots I enjoy here is the first with two kiddos I Fox and Nonni at the Bakery by the Lake.

Or a thousand feet up viewing this amazing panorama....

Or with my nose in the neck of this handsome fellow, my friends horse River..I do love that horsey smell...

Last but not least..I find a great deal of bliss right here at my art table or lap table..creating.

My Missing, Friday My Town Shoot Out..

Ok I feel really sheepish. I spend quite a bit of time on my shootout last night..getting it just right and ready to fly. Went to the main blog to get the link our leader in subject this week...only to find I had done next weeks theme. I am all ready for next week and nothing to show for this morning. But....if you will be patient and come back to see me later today..I will have completed this weeks assignment by then. Thanks all, Sarah

Monday, September 21, 2009

Macro Mondays..

Here are a few end of Summer beginning of Fall shots! I missed last week, happy to be back this week!!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday, My Town Shoot Out!

So this is one of my favorite subjects..domestic critters is the theme today from Sandy in Apache Junction, AZ!! I love them, love to shoot them! So this was really a fun theme for me. Please forgive me if you have already seen a couple of these..I added several of my favorite critter shots.
Above my sweet Lucy Lu... below, my friend Deb's, beautiful boy..River.

This pup was at the coffee shop at a near by poser!!

Here is Lucy Lu flying....

My Tink and a neighbors kit Oreo at play...

This handsome boy Meeko, is part Malamute..look at those eyes!!

I shot this black lab ball chasing in the lake!!

Heehee..I just love this one. They were hanging out at the coffee shop when Fox (ten) and I were having a Mama-Son date. Ten year old boys love this stuff. Me too - so cute..

Here is Lucy getting some of her energy out..she is a Border Collie...

Here is a Chocolate Doodle..isn't he wonderful??

Last but not least..our old bunny Foofoo. He and his brother came to us as giveaways. They are sweet and very old now. Turning gray and not quite as peppy as they used to be..but just as sweet. It's almost time for them to head into their cozy indoor winter condo complete with heat lamp and lots of cozy hay. It will be too cold for old bunnies pretty soon. Thanks for popping by!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out....

This weeks Shootout is Aged & Weathered by Pauline... here are a few for me....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Macro Monday...

I just fell in love with these dark red sunflowers and the bumble bee was a lovely addition!! I just love their beautiful wings!!

We took a tootle out to a friends ranch this weekend..this sweet hen was very curious about my lens.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday My Town Shootout...

I have to say I am sorry for missing last was one of those weeks that everything that had to be done before school plate was a bit full. But here are a few for this week. Doors and windows was Kerri's choice of theme this week. I love this one..favorite subjects of mine. So I will start with my very favorite doors. Above my sweet front door..I looove the color I really do!

Here is a shot of my back door this week. It has been taken over by volunteer pumpkins and mini pumpkin vines!! How fun is that. We will have about a dozen little ones and at least two regular sized ones - whoo hoo!!

Here is sweet Lucy Lu at the front door screen. She wants to join us!! Isn't she sweet?

So if I had to choose another door in town to be mine it would be this one!! It is attached to one of my very favorite buildings in town.

Here is the front door to the old school building I had my last classroom in. It is sadly not filled with children anymore, but offices. I looove this building!

This delightful red door belongs to a neighbor...I like this one too!!!

This beautiful Catholic church is about two blocks from our house. It has church bells. I love them every day at noon and 6 pm. Beautiful~

Last not but least..the windows to the soul.