Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friday My Town Shootout..Look Up..Look Down..

(please click on the pictures to make them larger)
There is just something magical about fog.. Softens everything. Takes all the hard edges off everything..kinda like natural bokeh!!

So this weeks the theme is Look Up and Look fun was this. For the first time in a while every one of my photos in my shootout was taken this here we go..look up at this seagull in the fog.

Look down at this fellow..let me get up close...

I just had to go down there and see what was there...

Look what I found..bitsy mushrooms!!

I also looked up and found these new little buds..waaaay too early for these!!

I looked down and saw the remains of Fall.

I looked closer and saw this beautiful moss carpet..

Then at band camp...uhmmm sorry ...I looked up and spied this sweet little need a telephoto..maybe when taxes come back....

Oh and then I saw this beautiful crow fly over my head..his wings made this amazing whooshing sound..

Last night I looked up and saw this beautiful moon!

Are ya dizzy yet?? Hope you all have a wonderful week!! Namaste, Sarah

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Few That Pleased My Eye..

We actually got a bit of snow yesterday..well a couple inches in about an hour. all melted!! But I had some fun while it lasted!!

Took a photo taking hike on Sunday..soooo needed the fresh air and the peace and quite! I forget to get out some weeks I am so busy!!

This beautiful boy was our with his people!

He wanted to play water fetch...until he hit the water...brrrrrr about 38 degrees!!

Hid Dad threw it waaaaaay out there..he got half way and came they went out on the dock that was closer!! Sweet boy he went out and got it after a bit of asking!

I ran into this wonderful family while hiking...

Can you see them there on the point?

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!! Hugs, Sarah

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out....

Well as we are in the mountains..there are lots of these about..going north or south..honking along the way. There are lots of crows and a few wonderful eagles..showed you those last week.

This sweet pooch - so very quiet here..sleeping on her pillow..talks as much as the kids do..rowwowowo.rororo.aroooooo..chuff chuff...cracks me up..

This fellow has a very serious conversation with me daily..each morning as I let Tink out of the house!!

I am guessing it has something to do with her doing this...

Then there are the kiddos..wonderfully loud..but what fun!!

and these water dogs..loud and splashy..lots of these around here!

One of my very favorite sounds....the espresso machine at Java! I do love my coffee!!

Have a wonderful week all!! Namaste, Sarah

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heart Me Baby.....

I am very fond of gem gels! You know the jello looking things that cling to the windows. I have several sets for different seasons and holidays..I loove them. The kids do too! It is an event when the next set comes out..everyone wants a chance to give them a try! I have also discovered this month they are wicked fun to photograph...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Few That Pleased My Eye ...

A few shots that I liked this week!!

These stunning eyes belong to this beautiful girl! She is the student teacher in Nonni's room. Caught her playing teacher tag...isn't she just beautiful?!!

Nonni did her very first juggling performance Friday..she was proud..she is soooo serious!!

Here is of her friends..look at that smile!!!

I loved this shot of Nonni!

Another of her friends..I really liked this one too!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday all!! Namaste, Sarah

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday My Town Shootout - Birds

Scriptor Senex the UK gave us our theme this week Birds. Whoot thank you, thank of my favorite subjects. I don't really want to own one..but have a passion for seeing them in the wild!!

We have quite a few of these fellows around here...

I have quite a few Austrian sparrows.

My 1970's owl them!

Some shore birds..looooove shore birds..

I have one piece by Jim Shore. I would love a few more..whimsical fun!

I know several of you saw my eagle shots from December...but I thought I might share them much fun.

My little Canon Power Shot SX110 could only get so close. Still...I think this was my very favorite shot that day. This last week I bought a brand new Canon Rebel XSi EOS..whoot happy dancin.

Last but not Fredrick..he is an illustration of mine from my illustrated book.

No post on birds would be complete if I didn't share my very favorite bird photographer with you. So go visit Keith over at Holding Moments..the man is amazing!
I will be back this afternoon to visit to my kiddos school for a juggling performance!! Have a great weekend all! Namaste, Sarah

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Few that Pleased My Eye & A New Toy...

Giggle..I love Lucy Lu.

I have a new toy this week..I am over the moon..happy thrilled. A Canon Rebel SXi.Whoo hooo. So I have been trying it out...seeing what it can do. Well..more like what I can do LOL! Here are a few shots from the last couple of days of playing.

I am taking Unravelling with Susannah Conway. We were to take reflections of ourselves this is one of mine.

I love this shot of Tink..crystal clear...I love this camera...I really do ...sigh..

Here she is sound asleep on Fox's lap.

Jim brought home a huge bunch of mineral specmines this Sunday..I had some fun with them. This is the center of a geode.

This is a slab of agate..doesn't it look like a Chinese dragon??

I like this one..a slab of geode..such delicious caramel colors!!

Have a great Monday all! Namaste, Sarah