Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot out..Outside Food

This weeks challenge is from Girlchef in Indiana!! I will say..I liked this topic..we certainly have lots of outside foody spots to take pics of...unfortunately it didn't work out that way this seems I jammed my big toe walking was out. So..I had to get a bit creative and tootle through my pics from July and well.. mine are a bit'll see....
This spot includes our favorite sandwich/pita shop and our favorite java stop. I do love how our town puts up flower baskets!!

The Bakery By the Lake..delicious! is where I had to get creative...this lovely girl comes to our preschool about once every other week..we like her!! Not just for the pizza which is greeted with hoots and squeals but..she is just really sweet..isn't she lovely!!

This young lady, a family friend was across the street watering for a neighbor. She is polite and the oldest of seven..we like Chelsea too. I had to ask her twice to come join us for pizza on the grass - and root beer. Everyone was happy she did. Look at that amazing hair!!!

I know..sorry had to finish the post with my goofy family. Leave it to Hanna to offer us a delightful look at her food. She is gonna kill me....giggle!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I thought I would share a bit of tweaking with you. I loved this pic of Kate and Nonni..but I didn't get the exposure quite right (unlike the picture below), it needed to be cropped although I really love off center pics, and I wanted to play with it a bit. I love color and always hesitate to do a sepia or black and white edit to them...but this one I thought I would. I changed the black and white threshold and then added a bit of color back in. I did a bit of Ortonish to blurr the hard lines, added a drop frame and watermark and whaaa laaaa....

Post....sycronysity..I love it. Alicia's challenge this week is editing photos - whoo hoo I was a day ahead of her! I hope this counts!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Macro Mondays...

I just kinda liked this one..somehow reminded me of being young..bluejeans and buttercups.
To join Macro Mondays go see Lisa here.

This poor critter was taken from its home and brought to me with eager hands to snap a escaped and scuttled down between my deck slats. Even better!! Hope it found new home.

I love eye shots..

Here is one of the water droplet shots I have been working on this week.

Have a wonderful week all!! Namaste, Sarah

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Do Love My Macros..

Silver Valley, Idaho Phyromorphite Macro...

I have a fondness for Macro pictures. You can blame my Hubby Jim. You see he is a Rock man..not your average rock hound..I mean.. a mineral man. He digs, trades, buys and sells them. When my old camera couldn't get good clear shots of the structures..I went looking for a camera that would. When I discovered what amazingly detailed shots I could just kinda went from there. My son Fox (10) is as facinated with bugs as my hubby is with rocks. This is why you will see so very many bug shots from me!! Look at these wings, amazing!!

Little tiny blown up pictures of a tiny space and time. I love these for a couple of reasons. One real thing.. at 48 all of those minute details that I could see sans reading glasses before...not so much now. Well...REALLY not so much now. The other reason... because I love to see if I can make them pop.

I just love it when I take macro of something and go home download them and find that I have unexpectedly caught a little visitor. Someone hiding under a flower pedal or too small for my lack of glasses to notice.
Like these two...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friday Our Town Shoot Out

Dear Audrey chose the subject today..reflections. I really enjoyed this one!! For a closer view please click on each image.
So the kids and I tootled around town..we started at the lake. Here is the boat launch at the resort...

Folks jumping of High Rock at Tubbs Hill.

Underwater lake rocks...

A fun spot to dip our toes in the lake and cool off...

A fountain shot....

and my ice tea....yummmm..raspberry and Earl Grey with fresh mint!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Bit Gothy....

I try to offer up most of my photos with little to no manipulation to the images, a frame and watermark, maybe some cropping. But I will have to say playing with some of them, morphing, coloring, changing the lighting ..I looove it! I enjoyed Twilight..I know..I'm 48..but I really did!! Love the whole Vampire thing..must run in the family, my sister has a Vampire screenplay in preproduction - whoo hoo!!!! Anyway..I was going with a goth theme here - morphing photos to suit my purposes.

I used two different pictures of this lovely urn in my yard and turned them creepy.

Then of course there is Goth Fox..some of you have seen this one before - but I love it - look at that sour look!!!

He asked me to vamperize his eye it is.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Water Dropplets..

So my task that I have set for myself... water droplets. So here are a dew first tries...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Macro Mondays


I found Lisa's fun group last week..too late to add my little I thought I might join today.

I know some of you have seen my other pic of this beautiful spider...It wasn't at all happy with me invading it's flower spot. It is striking a threatening pose here. Isn't it an amazing color?

I found these on the local field. Loved the texture! It seemed to be thriving in the shade as a groundcover!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Honey bees and Long horn Beetles...

Look at this honey bee!! Can you see the pollen on his hind legs??

So..we went for a walk cheer the kids up..Papa (Jim) is gone for his training and all are sad. Fox found this Long horned Beetle in a fountain. We though it was dead. He wanted to carry it home and keep it..bit of a surprise there - lol. So when we went into the library, he tucked it into his pocket. Weeeellll..not so dead this bug..he was moving around by the time we got home!!! Fox was happy!! Look at the deeli boppers on this critter!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Our Town Shootout..Lawn Ornaments

This was a really fun one to do..thanks to Chef E !!
Here is our nieghbors sweet pooch and a lovely urn!!!

My neighbors across the street have lovely flowers and one of those fun upside down tomatoe planters - my kiddos loooove that!

This is my very favorite gate in town - giggle....bears..

Isn't this stunning!!!

Of course..this is my very favorite lawn ornament..Nonni!

Have a wonderful weekend all! Namaste, Sarah

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cool bugs....

We spent most of the day tie dying... which I looove! But you can only dye until you run out of things to add a splash of color to...unless you color the cat. She doesn't care for that so much. It was way too beautiful to stay inside, so this afternoon we just chased a few bugs. Look what we found... a wasp &

This lovely crab spider. Isn't she an amazing color of yellow??!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


So...I have been mulling over this for a couple of weeks seems my photography has taken over my main blog. My first and main blog was intended for my artwork and it kind morphed into a few other writing and playing and artwork and fun..kind of just me in blog form. Which I love. would seem I have also developed another love..taking pictures. So rather than crowd out all of the other stuff on my main blog...I will start another one just for the photography. So here it photo blog. Thanks for popping by...Namaste, Sarah