Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finally...a Butterfly...

I was finally able to get a few butterfly shots. My butterfly bush which brings them in droves was damaged in our huge snows this year and took a bit to get going this summer. Add the very cool summer and it has just bloomed the last week or so. I was thrilled to see the butterflies gathering and managed to catch what I think is a Skipper. Whoo hoo!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Whoo hoo I'm in an Etsy Treasury!!!!

I'm am over the moon..sooo very excited!! Someone listed my "Vampire Eye" in an Etsy very first treasury listing! WHOOO HOOOO!!! Thank you so very much Juja!!! You can visit her darling shop by clicking here!

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Macro Monday

Thought I would do a bit of early Fall pictures here in North Idaho. Yup the leaves are popping already!! Even I am a bit surprised!! Beautiful though!! Have a wonderful week all, Sarah

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out..Signs

Of course we had to start at our favorite bakery..yummmm...

Then we tootled down to our favorite coffee shop Java..look at that Husky!!

My favorite little antique crow...

A restaurant we like...are you seeing a pattern here...

Ok this one cracked me up - only in the mountains would you see this....giggle..

We looove their ice cream. If you ask you can get Moose Tracks ice cream or Moose Drool Beer. Yup...that was drool!!

And this grumpy bear..clearly needs to be fed!!

So here is the end....

Have a wonderful week all, Sarah

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Few That Pleased My Eye....

The very handsome Meeko.

A couple of deep close ups of pink Mums..

A Purple Mum with bit of sepia treatment...

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, Sarah

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Silent Sunday to Macro Monday...

I really liked this shot of the sweet I added it to today's also..Ok I kinda cheated..forgive me just this once. The first two were straight out of the camera.

We met Meeko on Saturday when Nonni( my five year old) and I were out on a date. Look at his eyes!! Amazingly blue. Seems he has some husky in him!!

I liked this shot too..played with it a little bit added a touch of sepia to the shot.

Ok so I played with this one ya know what it is??

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Hope ya all have a wonderful week!! Namaste, Sarah

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday My Town Shootout...

So this guy..yup relaxed.

Our theme is by Lena today..relaxation. Wonderful theme,challenged me a bit..I love that!

This little guy made himself at home on our porch swing cushion. Isn't he cute?

This is a prime location for relaxation here in town..the local coffee shop..Java. I lovvvvve Java. I fit right in. Age is not a factor there..everyone is welcome.

Oh and the coffee..yup love that too.

I find the lake does this sweet pooch!

I think Nonni finds the water relaxing too.

What relaxes me? Creating posts like this and....I love doing this. My latest WIP.

Have a wonderful week all!! Namaste, Sarah

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just some fun new pictures....

Just a few pictures that pleased my eye this week.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Macros...

Good morning all! As I tootled around Coeur d Alene this weekend I noticed something I liked. Fall is starting to creep in ever so gently. I love the fact that our city is rich in maple trees. It makes for a glorious Fall. I look forward to sharing that with you. So is the very beginning of Fall here....

Of course you knew I couldn't resist this white crab spider.

A bit of dew on the grass...

Ok...I cross processed this one just for fun!

Here is a macro of some Tansy..

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Thanks for popping by to peek at my shots!!
Namaste, Sarah

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday My town shoot out!

So I decided to go with the personal power here. My camera empowers me to step out and create in new ways..truly a passion.

This man..yup a huge source of my power..he supports & loves me..what more can you ask for!!

My art artwork is not only a huge source of joy to me..but empower me to be more in my life.

When pictures come out like this. And the water..there is just something about the water that makes my heart sing and I feel powerful.

Right now..these little signs of Fall..yup fills me with joy. Because Fall fills me with purpose and direction..a form of power to me I think. I adore the Fall.

Hope I didn't go too far off the track here. Have a wonderful weekend. Namaste, Sarah

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