Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday My Town ShootOut - For Barry

I have often spoken on my main blog about online friendships...folks would like me to believe that somehow they are not as real, worthwhile or deep as the kinds we make out in the real world. I beg to differ...I have met some amazing folks here online..folks who have become friends, some have become very dear friends. Some have even changed my life...yes that is the truth!
As I pondered Barry..this wonderful dear man and his dear wife had they affected me...what do I think of when I think of Barry? You will laugh but the very first thing that popped into my mind was totem poles LOL. I love them..he posted them! But as I gave it some real is what Barry taught me...
Home is where the heart is...

Companionship of one you enjoy and love is important...

Being goofy is a good thing...

Small things are comments on folks work...

There are always surprises around each corner...

Sometimes they are wonderful and sometimes they are not..but always keep seeking..exploring...

Loved ones are the joy of life!

have fun and explore new things and ideas...

Always keep exploring..over the next bridge he has gone on a new adventure...he will be missed..but not forgotten.

Thank you Barry for all of your caring and inspiration..I for one will deeply miss you!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Friday My Town Shootout....

Some Bitsy Bear toes...

I totally missed last week...I had an unexpected five days off...four of them in a row. Given the last two vacations I tried to take were disasterous...illness..etc. I decided...we were gonna take those sweet surprise days off and play! And we did!!! Sorry I missed every ones wonderful posts last week! I will be off to visit this week though!

A couple of horse them horses!!

A few of these you may have seen..some are new..some are from my archives..My waffle stompers in the woods..

I love shooting feet, hands and eyes LOL..can ya are some sweet bunny toes. He is getting old sweet Bun!

Nonni and Mama's toes...

A set of little feet on a balancing ball!

Frozen toes....mine LOL!

One of my very favorite shots..dancing feet!

My toes in my very favorite socks..Acorns!

Have a wonderful weekend all!!

I originally posted this before the news of Barry's passing reached me. I am so deeply saddened by his loss..that wonderful man who made shootouts and life in general a joy to experience through his eyes! My thoughts and prayers are with Linda and the family! He will be missed and so fondly remembered by all he touched!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out! Fourth of July

We are really lucky at our little cottage... we are right in the middle of the parade that goes down the main street downtown..circles around and goes right down our we get to see all the horses and floats!

This gal just cracked me up...on the back of a four wheeler..having so much fun...still makes me giggle!!

Later we headed off to see the fireworks!

Here is a time lapse with Fox and a much fun!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend all, Sarah

Friday, July 2, 2010

Firday My Town Shoot Out...Urban Macro

So as a guessed it...macro photography...those close in shots of tiny worlds I can't see without my glasses...looove them so much!

So here are a few of my favorites of late...and a couple from last summmer.

Have a wonderful week all, Sarah