Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its Tuesday...

Just a few shots from this week that I liked and thought I might share. This is one of Jim's Aquamarines...pretty huh?

A couple of Iris macros I kinda liked...

The drummers troop from Fox and Nonni's school at artwalk...I kinda liked this one too!

Have a wonderful Tuesday all!! Namaste, Sarah


Terri said...

Hey Sarah....love the shots today....was wondering about your lighting of Jims crystal? The black velvet?? as a back drop is fabulous! I personally love window light better than any light there is, even for shots like this, but I learned way back (crap 16 years ago, lol) in photography school to play with white cards to bounce light around an object, especially if it has a glass like texture, or metal. Just simple white mounting board works good. For extra pizazz you can crumple up the dull side of aluminum foil and then spread it out on the opposite side of one of those boards and see what happens when you bounce light off that. It would be cool to see what it does to those crystals. The point being mostly..that you can then back light it from above and then bounce the light back to the front to get a good exposure that isn't a shilouette. I love crystals!! Love ya!!

magikalseasons said...

Oh my Iris! I love those Macro Shots! Does the light purple one smell like candy? Mine are blooming here too. Got to get out and shot some!:)

~JarieLyn~ said...

Oh Sarah, I really love that dark purple iris. It is stunning and velvety. I also like the drummers too.

Have a wonderful day.

Sarah said...

Thanks guys:)
Oooo Terri will try that...just got a light box for Mothers Day...was trying it out on this one...playing. I want to try the tinfoil and white board..cool beans. I love that you share hon..thank you!!!

Terri said...

oh cool...what kind of light box did you get? one that goes on camera or a separate one with a strobe box to plug into? light boxes are also great, but backlit bouncelight has great effects too, especially when you have a black background.

Sonia ;) said...

Love the pictures honker wow...


The Strawberry Mallard said...

What a collection angel! Missed yakking at ya this past week......think am finally on puppy over dose...LOL!
Hugz and love ya!, N

Tammie said...

oh sarah, you have some odd comments here! I wonder who left them.

as for your post, so many wonderful photos! xo enjoy the sunshine, I am.

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