Sunday, September 27, 2009

Critter Sunday....

So Fox, Nonni and I went tootling up to Athol yesterday. We used to live up that way and it holds a very dear spot in my heart. I love it there I really do! We saw lots of fun critters, much to the kiddos delight!! Here are a few! Above this handsome fellow!! Clearly well cared for and loved.

Can you see Nonni's little hand waving to this beauty? I'm hoping out of five children that I might just get one horsey girl!!!

This pretty golden was having a wonderful time!!

Here is another good lookin' horse - an Arab.

Along with the herd of horses was this lone companion goat! I loooove goats almost as much as horses!! Adore the purple collar!

We also saw a few alpacas....not to be confused with....

...their larger cousins..llamas! Very serious this one. Wonderful herd managers. Often they are used in this area rather than dogs to keep the sheep and goats safe from predators.

Have a wonderful Sunday all, Sarah


Barbara said...

Wonderful pics, Sarah. The last one is so beautiful. Life is not complete without animals. That's what I believe. There, I said it. :p) Have a great Sunday, hon.
xoxo B Oh and yes, come down and visit. I'll take you to the Promenade!

Snap said...

Wonderful photos ... all! I'm especially found of the llamas and alpacas and horses and dogs and ................!!!!!!!

~JarieLyn~ said...

I really like animal photos and that first horse is a beauty. You pictures are wonderful. I've never seen an alpaca in person and I didn't know they lived in the United States. There is a little shop in Boulder City, NV that sells alpaca rugs and pillows. The fur is so soft. The store owners swear that the animals aren't killed to produce the rugs, etc. I hope not. That would break my heart.

I think llamas have the cutest faces.

Great post, and a nice way to toddle around.

Anonymous said...

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